In the hall of the Pakshoma Museum on 02/01/1991, in the presence of Mr. Miri, President of the Home Appliances Guild, Mr. Hashemi, Senior Advisor of the Home Appliances Association and senior managers of the Pakshoma Group, Mr. Ishaqi, Deputy CEO and Mr. Mohammadi, Business Manager, as well as IRIB And the most widely circulated newspapers were held at 11 a.m.
The most important points of the speakers are as follows:
99 In 1399, the production infrastructure of Pakshuma group increased from 100,000 square meters to 200,000 square meters.
99 In 1999, Pakshoma Group will unveil the most advanced refrigerator manufacturing plant in the Middle East in cooperation with Maidia and German kuka machines and Comi Italy in the form of a robot with a daily production capacity of 1000 refrigerators and freezers.
پاک Pakshoma Group is the first and only dishwasher factory in Iran with a production capacity of 300,000 units per year.
پاک Pakshoma Group is currently the largest manufacturer of washing machines in the Middle East with a production capacity of 1,000,000 units per year.
99 Pakshoma Group will unveil the largest home air conditioner production plant in Iran (air conditioner) in 1999 in cooperation with the Asian companies Maidia and AUX.
پاک Pakshoma Group has launched a vacuum cleaner production line in cooperation with Asian and European research and development groups with a production capacity of 300,000 units per year.
پاک At present, Pakshoma Group is the official representative of Kennedy-Hover Group of Italy and Maidia and AX in Iran.
پاک Continuous Innovation Strategy in Providing New Products to Continue the Vitality of Pakshoma Group Brands, to provide 3 to 4 new product models in home appliance groups each year and to continuously improve existing models to meet consumer needs by meeting energy consumption requirements Less and easier operation with the product, has led.
⦁ In order to develop international cooperation and joint ventures in the new year, another international brand of home appliances will be added to the basket of Pakshoma Group brands.
⦁ Establishment of the largest research and development center in Iran and abroad for industrial design of large home appliances This center has the ability to accept suggestions and design creative and attractive ideas in the field of home appliances.