Pakshoma Product Shopping Guide


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Pakshoma center

The official online shopping reference for large and small home appliances under the Pakshoma group

What is our story?!


                     As a diverse showcase of a variety of domestic and international brands and home appliances, Pakshumasenter offers you amazing and attractive shopping opportunities on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, dear buyers, so that you have a good feeling of a different experience in buying home appliances. / p>             

Online sales of Pakshoma, Coral, General Admiral, Candy, Zerowatt, Midea home appliances in the group of home appliance products Automatic washing machine, semi-automatic washing machine, machine Dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, built-in appliances and ...

pakshoma City®

(pakshoma City)

Shops that exclusively sell Pakshoma Group-brand products to consumers in retail form and operate under the close supervision of Pakshoma Group-Brand Group.

Group - Pakshoma brand in line Adaptability to new environmental conditions in Iran's business ecosystem Launching the "Pakshoma City" chain store system throughout Iran  The goal is to reach the end consumers / buyers of their goods It makes it much easier than before.

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