DSP 8038 HW/HS

Pakshoma dishwasher

Pakshoma dishwasher -
Pakshoma dishwasher MDF-15301 is a quality and efficient product. This furnished dishwasher is marketed with a modern design and can be easily matched with other kitchen appliances. This Pakshoma dishwasher can accommodate a large amount of dishwashing liquid and is enough for a 15-person party. Using a dishwasher will not only help the host to spend more time with guests or will not bother to wash the dishes after the party, it will also help with energy and water consumption. This product has two shelves or containers. This dishwasher tries to satisfy the user by using 9 pre-determined washing programs. The display screen of this product is large and legible, and all device settings are displayed on this screen. The sound produced by the device is negligible during operation and is not annoying at all. It is worth mentioning that MDF-15301 has high quality stainless steel body.

In the past, it may seem very difficult and unlikely that we would be able to relax and rest after the guests left. It was painful to wash and dry a lot of dirty dishes at the end of the night. But these days, dishwashers have relieved us of these dishes. All you have to do is put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher compartment, add the detergent to the machine, select the desired washing program and rest until the dishes are finished.