In the case of small household appliances (vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner), the following are mainly evident

1. If the vacuum cleaner suction is weak, the filter is dirty and must be cleaned so that the suction returns to the first state.
2. If soil jumps out of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner bag should be replaced.

1. Also regarding steam cleaners, if no vapor comes out from the gun tube, the problem will be resolved by replacing the ThermoFuse.
2. Also, if water runs out of the gun tube, it is due to the excessive filling of water inside the reservoir.

How much should be the amount of water hardness in Bonab or any other city so that crystal dishes do not stain? In other words, does the degree of water hardness should be higher or less? The degree of hardness should be higher if the water hardness is higher?

Water hardness should be determined by region.

For example:
In the western part of the country, because of low water deposition, the degree of water hardness and the degree of polish oil should be between 3-4, and if the container has stains inside, then the degree of polish oil and the water hardness should be brought down one degree and the product should be used for one month. If the outside of the container is cloudy, the degree of water hardness and the polish oil should be raised to a degree.

Regarding dishwashers, the main questions are about the product’s error

1. If the HE Error appears on the screen, the element should be replaced.
2. If the E1 Error appears on the screen, the water inlet sensor shall be removed and replaced.
3. If the E1 Error appears on the screen, it is about the water overflow or lack pump drain.

Washing machine vibrates

Important factors in creating a vibration in a washing machine:

A) No alignment of the device bases;
B) Lack of attention to the layout of clothes inside the washing machine*
C) Lack of setting the proper wash schedule according to the amount of clothes. When choosing a washing schedule, the tub rotational speed, when operating or drying, is adjusted accordingly. For example, if the synthetic program is selected and one or two

pieces of clothes are in the tub, the amount of rotation of the dryer is 1200, and due to the lightness of the tub, there is a lot of vibration. In this case, the spin button must be pressed to lower the speed of the dryer.

*Inside the drain, there are three balancers. Set one of these balancers in front of you. Put heavy cloths on both sides of this balancer and put light cloths on it.

LG 10134 Washing Machine is getting too hot. Why?

A) When selecting a washing program, the water temperature is set automatically, and should not be changed manually.
B) Thermostat may be broken.
C) Board may be damaged.

First, how much time does each of the washing programs of CWFU-8060WFC model take? Secondly, what material should be used to wash the tank when Clean Drive program is selected?

Linen program: In this program, the amount of dry clothes is 5kg and the washing time is 2.15minutes.
Sun Stick program: In this program, the amount of dry clothes is 2 to 3 kilograms and the washing time is 1.15 minutes.
Woolen cloths program: In this program, the amount of clothes is 2 kilograms and the wash time is 57 minutes.
30-minute wash program: In this program, the amount of dry clothes is 2 kilograms and the wash time is 30 minutes.
Powerful washing program: In this program, the amount of dry clothes is 5 kg, and because Intense Washing program is added to the Linen Program, and 30 minutes are added, washing time is 2.45.
Spin program: The amount of clothes in this program is 4 kg and the drying time is 14 minutes.
Underwear washing Program: In this program, the amount of clothes is 2 to 3 kg and the wash washing is 57 minutes.
Tank washing program: There is no specific solution or powder for tank washing.

Given that there are a lot of sediments in the water of Parand area, what needs to be done to prevent sediments? What is the appropriate device or apparatus for this?

Water purifier filter should be used.

In the twin washing machine, water is simultaneously fed into the washing tub and the dryer. What needs to be done to fix the problem?

In twin washing machine, if the product has a water split system, this is a problem with water split system which should be replaced.

What does the D06 message mean in PDE900 washing machines?

This is an electric valve error.

What does the CL message mean in the 80130 model?

In the case of the 80130’s washing machines, if the Error CL appears, the child lock button must be kept for 10 seconds until the Error is resolved. If the problem remains, the board must be fixed.

What does the E11 message mean in the WFD8012FSAC washing machine?

This error is related to the failure of the electric valve and low water pressure.

What needs to be done with U4 Error?

This Error is related to SANYO washing machine, which caused the failure of the micro switch or the board.

In the washing machine model PAK-XQB22-21GP, despite the fact that we choose all the washing steps, but after the washing step, the rinse step does not start and shuts down.

The product’s failure is related to its board.

I recently bought a WFD- FWAC8012 washing machine. When it starts working, a very bad sound comes out from the water drain, while the machine is leveled and the water discharge pipe is operating correctly.

In the washing machine which produces a bad sound when draining, you should know that the problem is relating to the mounting of the drain pump which must be replaced to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, after opening the washing machine packaging, the warranty card was mistakenly thrown out with garbage. We have not installed the washing machine yet. What should we do to get a new warranty card?

Please contact our sales department with number 73043.

Regarding automatic washing machines, most of the buyers’ questions are about product errors.
  1. If the LE Error appears on the screen, the first step will be to replace the thermostat. Otherwise, if you are sure about the safety of wiring, the device board needs to be replaced.
  2. If the dE Error appears on the screen, the problem will usually be solved by replacing the electric board.

– In mechanical washing machines, if the timer operates incorrectly in different programs, the timer shaft or its ball must be broken. So you need to replace the timer’s schedule part to fix the problem.

What needs to be done to disinfect a washing machine?

To remove bad smell, first select the 30-minute program. Then, mix 5 glasses of vinegar and one spoon of baking soda, then start the washing machine and add the solution when the product is being wringed so that the machine is disinfected.

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