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This morning (Tuesday, 18/10/97), among the third Amin Al-Zarf festival to be honored with the goal of awarding the top and most prominent entrepreneurs, after evaluating 420 firms and individuals and legal entities, a limited number of tablets and labels of Amin al-Zarb were dedicated to Ten people.

Mr. Akbar Ebrahimi, the owner of Pakshoma Industrial and Industrial Company, has been honored to receive the Amin al-Zarab tablet as a prominent artisan in the home appliance industry.

The amount of production, employment, export and influence in the national economy, were the standards of the Amin al-Zarab festival.
The Pakshoma Groups congratulated this proud event on all stakeholders and the distribution network and household appliances consumers, and wished them to continue to achieve such important achievements for the national brand and the reputed Pakshoma.


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