Mehrdad Niqzad, PAKSHOMA group-brand’s marketing manager, told Donya-e-Eghtesad: “New production lines will be utilized and new products will be launched in 1399 (2020-21). According to the plan, the company’s production units’ area will double and the production infrastructures of the company will reach 200,000 sqm. Since 2 years ago, the company has been preparing the infrastructures in order to increase its market share since 2 years ago. Therefore, we have focused on innovation in research, development and design of products, increasing the quality of parts and raw material and improving customer services to gain maximum customer satisfaction.”

Niqzad added: “We introduced PAKSHOMA’s dishwasher at the start of the year. The important point about this new PAKSHOMA product is that it’s the first dishwasher manufactured in Iran and it’s not merely assembled. The product’s entire design and molding process is done in Iran from start to finish and the product is presented to the market with 70% domestication. The production capacity of the new PAKSHOMA dishwasher is 300K units in the first year and we intend to gain 50% of the country’s market share in the following year.”

PAKSHOMA’s marketing manager added: “The PAKSHOMA group is currently the largest washing machine manufacturer in The Middle East with the production capacity of 1 million units per year. Our strategy is to present 3 to 4 new product models each year and constantly improve these models based on the customers’ needs and reducing energy consumption.”


Source: Donya-e-Eghtesad magazine, No. 4961

Translated form the source