PAK SERVICE® (the registered customer service brand) was established with the primary purpose of providing after-sales services for Pakshoma brand-group’s products and supplying spare parts of various major and small home appliance.

In order to win customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty and in accordance with the general approach of improving activities and processes, this center has established the quality management system based on ISO 10004:2012 / ISO 10002:2014 standards to handle customer claims and evaluate customer satisfaction, and to achieve this objective, Pak Service has adopted the following major solutions to guide its activities.

  • Hiring trained human resources, especially those who interact with customers.
  • Paying special attention to continuous training and increasing the knowledge coefficient of the CRM team in order to provide precise and effective advices for the customers.
  • Systematic recording of VOCs received in the CRM system to follow up until achieving the desired result with the purpose of achieving customer satisfaction.

PAK SERVICE’s currently has more than 700 customer service centers all over Iran and provides guarantee/warranty/installation/ troubleshooting services at customer’s place as well as the customer service center.

Call Center

(+98) 1608