Quality Policy, Complaint, Satisfaction and Environmental

As one of the most reputable home appliance production industries in the country, focusing on the satisfaction of stakeholders, especially customers, and the production of quality and environment-friendly products, observing the relevant requirements, as well as national and international standards, Pakshoma Production and Industrial Co. highlights the following principles in executing the company’s activities to advance their goals.

  • Planning in production with the market demand approach, improving and developing the quantitative and qualitative level of various types of products and services to be provided, completing the basket of goods, developing the sales network to new domestic and foreign markets;
  • Increasing stakeholder satisfaction, loyalty to customers and representatives, respecting consumer’s rights, and addressing issues related to goods and services to be provided to customers;
  • Resource management, prevention and control of environmental pollution in the processes of production and use of recyclable materials in production;
  • Improving the level of knowledge, professional knowledge and personnel performance by training and using expert and skilled people;
  • Implementation of modern and up-to-date technologies, optimal use of energy resources and machinery, and increasing the efficiency of machinery to reduce production costs;
  • Trying to identify, assess and mitigate the risks and potentialities of error in management systems.

In this regard, the company has adopted international standards like ISO 9001 (2015), ISO 14001 (2015) and ISO 10002 (2014) and ISO 10004 (2012) as its models is committed to complying with relevant requirements according to the principle of continuous improvement in all activities and with the backing of participation of all employees.

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