DTP-80960 Dishwasher

Pakshoma DTP80960PS1 is a high quality and efficient product for small and large families. This machine is categorized Dishwasher as a countertop dishwasher used and is very suitable for small or old kitchens that do not have space for dishwashers. This dishwasher has a capacity for placing a large number of dishes and glasses, and holds containers for 8 people. Dishes and small dishes are placed on the lower floor and glasses and cups on the top floor. Low power and water consumption by this dishwasher has classified this device in energy category A. A variety of washing programs are provided in the dishwasher to make the work easier with the machine. An additional rinse and a pre-washer program are also included on this unit. The DTP80960PS1 Dishwasher is very useful for people living alone or in small families, because there is no need to wait until the number of dishes is getting bigger. Placing and removing dishes does not require bending and straightening up because the machine is mounted on the cabinet. The sound of the device is low and not disturbing. For optimum performance, proper and quality detergents should also be used, which can be dishwashing powders or pills and polishers. The use of the timer is also considered in this model. Pakshoma is a reputable and well-known provider of consumer electric products.

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Sometimes we have to sacrifice the possibilities of home appliances that we buy to lower price, so that the price of the product that we purchase is more affordable. Until recently, dishwashers were thought to be one of the luxury goods at home, and it’s not possible for all walks of life to be able to buy one. In the midst of this, companies like Pakshoma came into existence and produced products that provide users with affordable prices and reasonable facilities. The DTP80960PS1 dishwasher is one of those affordable dishwashers that is designed in a furnished fashion and can meet the needs of an average family.

Design and construction

The DTP80960PS1 dishwasher is designed as countertop, as stated. This type of dishwasher requires less space than furnished models, and they also have a lower capacity. Buyers of this model of dishwashers are no longer concerned about the occupancy of kitchen space, and users can easily place their countertop dishwasher on the cabinet and use it for dishwashing.

Sound volume

The dishwasher produces a sound level of 45 dB at working time, which makes it relatively quiet in the category of dishwashers. Of course, this sound volume may seem higher than in Bush and LG brands, but the lower price could be a good justification for it. In fact, you should not expect the Pakshoma dishwasher capacity to be as high as the products of the abovementioned two brands.

Energy consumption

Pakshoma’s dishwasher has been able to be ranked A in accordance with EU energy standards. This ranking is used to measure the energy consumed relative to performance, and based on it, optimal products are classified in category A in terms of energy consumption. This product is in an appropriate category for optimal energy consumption. In fact, this dishwasher has a relatively optimal energy consumption, which reduces the overall power consumption of the entire home and allows for more energy savings.

Features and technologies

With regard to Pakshoma’s dishwasher price, there is little to expect from the product in terms of technologies and features. However, Pakshoma Company has several different possibilities for its product, in order to persuade users to buy. The first capability of DTP80960PS1 dishwasher is that it has six washing programs, which is something like well-known products of the market. It has also features like pre-washing and washing programs for the inner chamber, which in turn can increase the efficiency of this dishwasher. If dishes are left in the dishwasher for a long time or there is a lot of dirt and stain on them, you can use a pre-wash program that only works with water.

As a result

The DTP80960PS1 dishwasher is suitable for people who are not going to spend too much to purchase this product, and they need it to be efficient and be present at home at the same time. If you are in the category of these people, DTP80960PS1 can be one of the choices in your shopping list.

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