WFI-90429 WTST Automatic washing machine front loader

Washing machines have changed the life today. Washing clothes is one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks at home that spends a lot of water. WFI-70413 Washing Machine is an efficient and high quality product manufactured by Pakshoma Company. This product is A-rated and saves power. The machine is fitted with a diamond drum with a capacity of 7 kg and its rotation does not hurt the clothes inside it. One of the other advantages of this device is the ability to wash in an anti-wrinkle mode; also the drum that is located in front of the device can be opened up to 180 degrees. A screen with touch buttons is placed on the front of the device and all the settings of the WFI-70413 can be viewed through this screen. It is worth mentioning that Pakshoma is an Iranian brand and has been active in the field of the production and supply of electric household appliances from the past.

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Capacity: 8 kg
Maximum drying speed: 1400 rpm
Drum material: stainless steel
Motor technology: inverter
Display: LED touch screen
Delay in washing
16 washing programs
Energy Grade in drying: A +
Energy Grade: A +++
Dimensions: Height 85, Depth 50, Width 60 centimeters
Door color: Chrome
Body color: white / silver
Door size: 48 cm
Noise level in washing mode: 62 dB
Noise level in the dryer mode: 76 dB
Electric power consumption: 196 kW per year
Voltage: 220-240

Additional information

نوع مخزن

درب از جلو

سرعت چرخش موتور

۱۴۰۰ دور در دقیقه

لوله ورودی آب سرد و گرم


توضيحات صفحه نمايش

LED لمسی


۷۰.۹ کیلوگرم

ظرفيت ديگ

۷ کیلوگرم


۶۰ سانتی متر


۵۰ سانتی متر


۸۵ سانتیمتر

اندازه دهانه درب

۳۴۰ میلی متر

زاويه باز شدن درب

۱۸۰ درجه

تعداد برنامه هاي شست و شو



۲۲۰-۲۴۰ ولت

میزان صدا در حالت خشک کن

۷۶ دسی بل

میزان صدا در حالت شستشو

۶۲دسی بل

رنگ درب


رنگ بدنه

سفید, نقره ای

تعداد برنامه های شست و شو



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