PAKSHOMA, quality-oriented home appliances

With the latest technology in the group of large and small household products, including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, automatic and semi-automatic washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners

The evolution of Pakshoma in the

perspective of 2021



We utilize more than a few innovations and new technologies in each active product group in PAKSHOMA in order to equip our products with proper functionalities, such as the Add Garment technology in washing machines, the turbo suction technology in vacuum cleaners, the Power Wash technology in dishwashers and … Innovation is one of the PAKSHOMA brand’s core values. 


Quality Orientation

By performing precise quality control tests on products before supplying the market and focusing on expanding the products’ lifespan through extensive customer service (with more than 700 centers), we uphold quality orientation which is one of PAKSHOMA brand’s core values.


Distinguished Industrial Design

PAKSHOMA’s new product development process is based on innovation and strategic solutions. The industrial design path for PAKSHOMA products starts with conceptualizing based on precise marketing research results. After receiving market feedback to early product designs, the products are engineered using 3D modeling, ergonomic evaluation and performance-based design and then manufactured based on accomplishing precise details of the final design as well as detailed physical tests and analysis using precise production machinery.


Iranian Capital

Using necessary preparations such as effective training, engineering high quality products and technological innovation, for half a century PAKSHOMA home appliances company has been able to supply the market with higher quality products compared to the competitors and run its professional ethics inspired by Iranian and Islamic teaching and a global vision throughout the whole organization.